The Charitable Foundation Kvitna provides informational and educational programs aimed at reducing the incidence and mortality of breast cancer in Ukraine.

Diagnose in time

39 women learn their diagnosis of breast cancer every day. Every day, 18 women die from malignant breast tumors. Exit - timely diagnosis! Early detection of the disease can save lives!

Effectively treat

There are talented doctors in Ukraine! It is their strength that saves the lives of 19 women every day! But, unfortunately, this is not enough. Kvitna's activity is aimed at increasing the level of effectiveness of cancer treatment by supporting talented doctors of Ukraine.

Healthy woman — healthy nation!

Uriel Stern,founder of CF «Kvitna», public figure, TV presenter

Due to their daily worries, women often put their health in the background. CF Kvitna reminds that the development of everything around depends on a woman’s health and energy. We want Ukrainian women to be not only the most beautiful, but also the healthiest all over the world. What is needed for this? Just a few simple rules:

  • active lifestyle;
  • balanced nutrition;
  • positive thinking;
  • annual medical examination (mammologist, gynecologist).

A woman who is confident in herself and her health is able to inspire and be an example for others!